Papers & Talks

15. Part III Essay 'Tropical Geometry', University of Cambridge, May 2023 (essay)

14. Talk ‘RSK Correspondence’, Part III Seminar, University of Cambridge, Dec 2022 (shorter version, longer version)

13. Paper 'From Boxes to Polynomials: A Story of Generalization' (with G. Akhyar & L. Yuan), The Mathematical Intelligencer, Springer, Dec 2022 (link

12. Three-minute participant talk 'Delightful diagrams for dimensions', AMSI-MSRI Winter School, June 2022 (slides)

11. Presentation and report on ‘The Eisenstein Reciprocity Law', BSc research project, University of Melbourne (slides and report)

10. Talk 'Prime factorisation of ideals', reading group at the University of Melbourne, May 2022 (notes)

9. Presentation and report on ‘KZ functor for rational Cherednik algebras’, AMSI Connect Conference, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, Feb 2022 (slides, poster and report)

8. Blog 'What do trivia and mathematics have in common?', AMSI, Feb 2022 (link)

7. Talk 'Integral dependence and valuations', Commutative algebra reading group,  University of Melbourne, Feb 2022 (notes)

6. Talks ‘Homogenous spaces’, Representation theory student seminar, University of Melbourne, Aug 2021 (part 1 and part 2)

5. Article 'The Sierpinski Triangle' (with B. Gatt & J. Zenou),  Paradox magazine, Melbourne Uni Maths and Stats Society, Mar 2021 (link)

4. Poster ‘Constructing minimum Euclidean skeletons for polygons with holes’, Vacation scholarship program, University of Melbourne, Feb 2021 (poster)

3. Talks ‘Representation of finite groups’, Representation theory student seminar, University of Melbourne, Oct 2020 (part 1, part 2, and part 3)

2. Talk 'Removal of dominated strategies', Game theory student seminar, University of Melbourne, Oct 2020 (slides)

1. Talk 'Solving linear congruences', Cryptography student seminar, University of Melbourne, May 2020 (slides)